10 Mistakes Players Make When Using Chongyun

In Genshin Impact, Chongyun is an exorcist that hails from Liyue. He has suffered from extreme constructive power since he was younger. This causes him to be an incredible exorcist as spirits would flee simply because he is close by. However this additionally frustrates him as a result of he appears like he isn’t a correct exorcist. Chongyun thinks a proper exorcist has to do an exorcism to drive spirits away, which is one thing he has by no means completed.

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Chongyun wields the Cryo vision, and his essential function is Cryo-infusion on his talent. His burst has a low power requirement and may be simply spammed. Chongyun’s playstyle is completely different from a lot of the claymore customers, so gamers might need made these errors when enjoying him.

Up to date on August 1st, 2021, by Scott Vengel: With the discharge of replace 2.0, Genshin Impression has undergone one of many greatest updates in its close to 12 months of historical past. As many new gamers come, and veterans return, to the Genshin Impression expertise with Inazuma’s launch, it is extra urgent than ever to know the peculiarities of every character. No character has had fairly as many unnecessary errors as Chongyun, together with his distinctive playstyle and misunderstood position within the sport. To assist new gamers dodge some widespread errors with Liyue’s top-Cryo claymore consumer, this listing will probably be expanded to incorporate a number of extra entries that gamers could have missed.

14 Constructing Him as a Bodily Injury Seller

Chongyun using Bloodstained Chivalry

In Genshin Impression, Chongyun is a Cryo claymore character. Electro and Cryo characters are normally favorable to be bodily constructed as a result of it is easy to trigger Superconduct with them. It’s a response that may scale back the enemy’s bodily resistance by 40%. This response will trigger a lift in bodily harm in opposition to enemies.

Chongyun’s essential core of harm comes from his Frost Area. This talent infuses sword, claymore, and polearm with Cryo, inflicting them to deal elemental harm. This infusion will render any bodily harm bonus nonexistent, losing the invested assets.

13 Utilizing His Area to Assist Bodily Injury Sellers

Chongyun paired with Razor

Chongyun’s Frost Area is an accessible approach of acquiring Superconduct. However the response’s essential function is to assist enhance bodily harm, one thing that his talent removes. For instance, gamers cannot use Chongyun to create Superconduct with Razor. The reactions will simply occur, however Razor’s weapon will probably be infused with Cryo so he will not profit from a bodily harm bonus.

Nevertheless, Chongyun can be utilized with characters like Fischl. Fischl’s Oz will create Superconduct with Chongyun, and since bows don’t get Cryo infusion, Fischl can deal larger bodily harm.

12 Pairing Him With Different Characters That Infuse Their Weapons

Chongyun paired with Keqing

Some characters are in a position to infuse their weapon with their ingredient. For instance, Noelle with Geo, Diluc with Pyro, and Keqing with Electro. Chongyun shouldn’t be a great pair for many of those characters.

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With Noelle, Chongyun’s talent will probably be a waste as a result of it won’t carry out to its finest potential. Conversely, his skill has niche use with Diluc, permitting the latter to simply deal soften together with his Pyro assaults. With Keqing, Chongyun will damage her on any construct. If she’s an Electro DPS, Chongyun’s Frost Area will override her Electro infusion. If she’s a bodily DPS, it is going to disable her bodily harm as properly.

11 Not Pairing Him With Automated Talent Customers

genshin impact team composition chongyun bennett fischl xingqiu

For those who insist on utilizing Chongyun as the principle Cryo DPS of their Genshin Impression group, that is maybe the most important mistake of all. In contrast to bodily harm sellers, automated talent customers profit from Chongyun’s elemental talent. Prime automated talent customers for Chongyun’s group compositions embody:

  • Fischl with Oz to use Electro harm
  • Xiangling summoning Guoba for straightforward Soften reactions
  • Xingqiu transferring Rain Blades for Freeze reactions

After all, different characters exist or will probably be added that work with Chongyun, however these are among the finest. Successfully, by together with an automatic talent consumer in a Chongyun group, gamers can apply two parts with one character.

10 Utilizing His Burst Incorrectly

Chongyun missing his burst

Enemies can simply overwhelm gamers in some conditions. Mixed with gamers’ tendency to burst each time it is prepared, this may be disastrous. The horrible auto-aim will trigger gamers to overlook at a nasty time. It’s going to additionally smash doable elemental reactions.

With out aiming, Chongyun’s burst will both hit a dying or a single enemy, just like the flying Cicins. Though his burst has a pleasant AOE, aiming is essential for max harm. Due to this fact, gamers should not rush in utilizing his burst.

9 Not Pairing Him With A Healer

genshin impact chongyun barbara qiqi healers elemental burst animation split image

Granted, it is common sense that almost all groups ought to have a healer of some form in Genshin Impression. Nevertheless, not pairing Chongyun with a healer is very hindering. In comparison with different helps and sub-DPS’s, Chongyun spends quite a lot of time on the sphere between his sluggish claymore actions and peculiar elemental talent.

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Fortunate for gamers, there are fairly a number of intelligent methods to pair healers with Chongyun. For instance, Qiqi and Diona are likely to make good companions due to their potential to offer a Cryo resonance to the group. However, Barbara and Bennett make for straightforward Freeze and Soften reactions respectively.

8 Utilizing Him as a Most important DPS

Chongyun with full supports in his team

Chongyun’s package is exclusive and nice to make use of. Nevertheless, the multipliers of his regular and charged assaults are low. This could trigger difficulties for gamers as the sport consistently calls for a DPS verify, particularly within the Spiral Abyss.

Nevertheless, Chongyun’s burst has a great multiplier and has nice harm potential, making him extremely viable as burst help (or as a sub-DPS.) Aside from that, he also can help Cryo units like Kaeya, Rosaria, and even Genshin Impression’s newest Cryo user, Ayaka. 

7 Utilizing Him In opposition to Excessive Cryo Resistant Enemies

Chongyun fighting a Cryo Whopperflower

Chongyun may be described as a mage with a claymore. His solely supply of harm is Cryo, and utilizing him in opposition to enemies with excessive Cryo resistance like Cryo Whopperflower or Cryo Cicin Mage will vastly decrease his harm. Cryo assaults will even be ineffective in opposition to enemies which might be resistant to Cryo, just like the Cryo Slimes.

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In opposition to these enemies, it’s the wisest to swap to a different character. Chongyun will want some time to kill them because of the ingredient drawback. Having a Pyro character with Chongyun can also be beneficial to deal Soften reactions.

6 Utilizing Snow-Tombed Starsilver as His Weapon

Chongyun using Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Despite the fact that it is not uncommon information that Chongyun shouldn’t be viable as a bodily harm vendor, a number of folks nonetheless use Snow-Tombed Starsilver on him. The claymore’s passive harm will increase if it is triggered upon an enemy affected with Cryo. This may sound good for Chongyun, nevertheless it’s actually not.

Though the claymore matches his outfit, it on no account matches Chongyun’s playstyle. It’s a waste of each Snow-Tombed’s and Chongyun’s potential. Chongyun will do higher with Prototype Archaic or Gacha weapons like Sacrificial or Favonius Greatsword.

5 Not Utilizing The Greatest Weapons When Doable

genshin impact chongyun sacrificial greatsword weapon screen

Conversely, many gamers do fail to make use of the most effective weapons for Chongyun once they have them. Granted, this does not essentially inflict his playstyle. Nevertheless, for these trying to maximize Chongyun’s harm potential (each alone and with teammates), this is usually a actual hindrance.

When it comes to 5-star weapons that work significantly properly with Chongyun, Wolf’s Headstone works properly at growing his base assault. However, good options embody the Sacrificial Greatsword and Prototype Aminus. The previous works to extend using Chongyun’s elemental burst by growing power recharge and periodically canceling talent cooldown. The latter works like Wolf’s Headstone for DPS-centric Chongyun builds.

4 Constructing Improper Artifacts on Him

Chongyun with random artifacts

Chongyun is finest used as burst help. His artifacts have to regulate to gamers’ selection of playstyle. For instance, Elemental Mastery will probably be ineffective if gamers are aiming for a Freeze-comp, and 4-Blizzard’s Strayer is a poor selection for Soften gameplay.

The most effective artifacts for him are 4-Noblesse Oblige so he can help his group after utilizing his burst. He also can use 2-Noblesse and 2-Blizzard to additional enhance his burst harm. If gamers want to play him in a Soften-comp, 2-Noblesse and 2-Wanderer’s Troupe is a viable selection.

3 Not Constructing His Abilities Appropriately

genshin impact chongyun talents screen

Very similar to every other character, Chonyun’s skills should be prioritized in another way relying on the construct. Worst involves worst, constructing equally amongst all three by no means hurts. Nonetheless, prioritizing could make a world of distinction within the early sport when expertise supplies are sparse.

For these specializing in DPS, skills must be upgraded equally with precedence for Chongyun’s burst and regular assault. Nevertheless, provided that Chongyun has extra use as a help/sub-DPS, gamers will discover specializing in Chongyun’s elemental talent and burst extra environment friendly.

2 Utilizing Him in Co-op Domains

Chongyun in front of a domain in Co-Op

Chongyun’s subject is each a blessing and a curse. It advantages Chongyun and any Cryo consumer however hurts everybody else within the course of. In co-op, it is largely a curse.

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Utilizing him in co-op will likely damage the entire group, particularly if the group is stuffed with bodily harm sellers. Moreover, some domains put Cryo-related reactions at an obstacle. So gamers ought to know how you can correctly assess Chongyun’s compatibility with different characters. If Chongyun appears to harm greater than assist, it is higher to not use him in co-op.

1 Not Taking part in Him With Freeze And Shatter

Chongyun freezing enemies with Barbara

Chongyun’s playstyle causes him to at all times apply Cryo to his enemies. Some gamers deal with this ingredient alone to play him or add characters like Xiangling or Xinyan to use Pyro for Soften.

The most effective playstyle for Chongyun is Freeze as a result of it is trivial for him to set off. Gamers can pair him with characters like Barbara, Xingqiu, and Mona for this job. After freezing, Chongyun will have the ability to create one other response, “Shatter.” This occurs when frozen enemies are hit by heavy assaults, which embody claymore hits. Freezing is each sensible and protected for Chongyun, as enemies will not have the ability to assault him whereas frozen.

Is Chongyun Good?

Ultimately, Chongyun is an effective character to have round. Apart from the peculiar infusion of his talent, there aren’t many causes to not use Chongyun. General, Chongyun is a superb Cryo applier, whether or not or not it’s as a sub-DPS or a help. He will not be a main-DPS or bodily harm vendor, however with environment friendly planning, Chongyun can excel in most areas.

Nonetheless, a great character is one the place the participant enjoys their gameplay. From a gameplay perspective, Chongyun has good (although just a little area of interest) skills and a fun-to-play skillset.

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