10 Hardest Boss Raid Of All Time, Ranked By Effort

World of Warcraft recently released its latest expansion, Shadowlandsand the game is over WoW raid boss proved extremely difficult for even the top guilds. For example, Castle Nathria threw the player into a loop thanks to The Land of Shadows’ more complex boss mechanics – it just cleared the Mythic difficulty for the first time more than two weeks after the raid was released.

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In World of Warcraft17 years of history, yes are some almost undefeated raid bosses that only drops after a few hundred tries. Bosses like Kel’Thuzad, Kael’Thas and C’Thun are all worth mentioning as they took months to return in the early days of the game. World of Warcraft.

Sadly, not many guilds track how much effort these bosses make. Fortunately, the guilds in later expansions have started to count efforts, making the process of finding the hardest raid bosses of all time a lot easier.

Updated July 19, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The bosses of World of WarcraftThe history of being figurative giants, capable of taking out the most coordinated and careful guilds most of the time in release. When Shadowlands now introduced two major raids (Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination), neither Sire Denathrius nor Sylvanas Windrunner made the Top 10 hardest World of Warcraft assault boss – although many guilds are still competing to complete the later mythical first world.

ten Blackhand, at the Blackrock Foundry

Blackhand Blackrock Foundry Warlords of Draenor Raid Mythic

  • Expansion: Lord of Draenor
  • Number of tries: 325

Blackhand is the last boss of Blackrock Foundry in Lord of Draenor expansion. The early stages of Blackhand are usually pretty easy, with a few things distracting the player with the Mark for Death debuff, for example. When Blackhand drops to 70% health, his second phase will begin with an explosion of transformation, and then every 50 seconds, he will summon a Siegemaker to join the fight.

It was a raid that required great communication and concentration, as well as knowing exactly what to do at any given time. No wonder it took 700 attempts to kill the second Blackhand in the world.

9 Jaina Proudmoore, in the Battle for Dazar’Alor

Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft Raid Boss

  • Expansion: Battle for Azeroth
  • Number of tries: 346

Jaine Proudmoore is a boss in Battle for AzerothDazar’Alor’s raid. Her fight isn’t particularly hard for any laundry reason like Blackhand’s, but rather because of Jaina’s one and only mechanic: the Chilling Touch bug.

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Chilling Touch slows the player by 2 percent, stacks, and when it reaches full level freezes the player. A guild that went to the extreme measure of changing the race of every members of the raid to troll, because trolls have a passive race that reduced motion degrading effect.

8 Queen Azshara, in the Eternal Palace

Queen Azshara Battle for Azeroth The Eternal Palace Raid

  • Expansion: Battle for Azeroth
  • Number of tries: 359

Queen Azshara is a boss in Battle for AzerothThe raid of the Eternal Palace. Queen Azshara is a legendary figure in World of Warcraft go all the way back come Cataclysm, and her raid was legendary to it’s, to put it mildly, unique raid mechanics.

Most of her skills revolve around targeting the players in her sights. A successful Azshara raid requires constant movement and constant knowledge of what’s around the player – for the player this is not possible.

7 The Fallen Avatar, Penultimate Boss of the Tomb of Sargeras

Fallen Avatar Legion Tomb of Sargeras Raid Boss

  • Expansion: Soldiers
  • Number of tries: 453

The Fallen Avatar is one of the few bosses listed here Not The final boss of the raid. The second to last boss of The Tomb of Sargeras in Soldiers, The Fallen Avatar raid is full of random elements that make consistent progress on the boss extremely difficult.

One of those abilities is Dark Mark, a debuff skill with unlimited range that targets three random raid members, dealing massive damage, then launching them into the air. He also deals a tremendous amount of damage in bursts to nearby players based on the summoner spells the boss receives continuously. The only way to run well with the Fallen Avatar is to hope that party members with low health aren’t targeted.

6 Archimonde, in Hellfire Citadel 2.0

Archimonde Hellfire Citadel Warlords of Draenor Raid Boss

  • Expansion: Lord of Draenor
  • Number of attempts: 472 times

Archimonde is the final boss of Lord of Draenor Hellfire Citadel raid, a callback from the dungeon of the same name The Burning Crusade. Archimonde’s fight requires players to be constantly aware of each other and constantly communicate positions, as well as random elements that turn boss fights into a roll of the dice most of the time.

One of those random elements is the spell Doomfire, a soul used by Archimonde to deal massive amounts of damage to the player for 10 seconds before transferring to the new player. Spirits are difficult to kill along with Archimonde, and some raids have turned all their attention to the spirit when it spawns.

5 Yogg-Saron, Elder God of Ulduar

Yogg Saron Wrath of the Lich King Raid Boss Pit

  • Expansion: The Rage of the Lich King
  • Number of tries: 500+

Yogg-Saron is an old God in World of Warcraft, ancient, nearly omnipotent beings that envelop and consume worlds throughout the universe. While the player version fights in Ulduar in The Rage of the Lich King used some of its true strength, but it still proved tough – especially against its hardest hit.

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The raid is designed for keepers, NPCs that can be summoned during the raid, to aid raids in defeating the Old God. For maximum difficulty, some guilds have ignored these keepers, choosing to fight Yogg-Saron without this aid designed for the raid.

4 Ragnaros 2.0, in The Firelands

Ragnaros Firelands Cataclysm Raid Boss World of Warcraft

  • Expansion: Cataclysm
  • Number of tries: 500+

Ragnaros is a boss in Vanilla World of Warcraft who received one revive in Great Flood ‘Firelands raid. It’s not a particularly tough fight for any unfair or malfunctioning mechanics (though it certainly isn’t a walk in the park). It’s very difficult because most guilds take more than 20 minutes to complete, even though it’s not one of those hardest raid boss in WoW.

20 minutes is a long time for mistakes to happen, and even a party member’s death or two could jeopardize the war in the long run. Focusing on a third of an hour for pinpoint accuracy and timing is exhausting – it’s no surprise that many guilds simply stopped tracking efforts due to tediousness.

3 Garrosh, during the Siege of Orgrimmar

Garrosh Mists of Pandaria Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Boss

  • Expansion: Pandaria Mist
  • Number of tries: 638

Garrosh holds a unique spot on this list as one of the few bosses that can claim a large amount of effort in the 10-man raid genre. In Pandaria Mist 10-man raids and 25-man raids reduce the same loot, and while his fight isn’t particularly hard due to a mechanic – like Ragnaros, it’s just as long .

Players have to get their timing and timing right if they want to take down Garrosh, and that’s pretty hard to do in an average time of 15 minutes.

2 Kil’Jaeden, Last Boss of the Tomb of Sargeras

Kil'Jaeden Tomb of Sargeras Mythic Raid Boss Legion

  • Expansion: Soldiers
  • Number of tries: 654

Kil’Jaeden is the final boss of SoldiersTomb of Sargeras, after the war of the Fallen Avatar. Following its release, Kil’Jaeden’s fighting was indeed overheard, to the point that some guilds stopped running the boss altogether until a fix was available. Kil’Jaeden’s ability also deals too much damage to healers to mitigate, almost if the devs wanted design a raid that is functionally impossible.

In the end, Kil’Jaeden fell, and after a debuff, more than a few guilds stepped in. But after 654 attempts, Kil’Jaeden has lived up to his title as Supreme Commander of the Burning Legion and has fought quite well, cementing him as one of the most iconic. WoW boss.

first Uu’nat, The End is almost invincible until the ruins of the storm

Crucible of Storms Uunat Mythic Raid Boss N'Zoth

  • Expansion: Battle for Azeroth
  • Number of tries: 731

Uu’Nat in Battle for Azerothof Crucible of Storms is unquestionable the most difficult boss in WoW History is the game’s most tried-and-true raid boss, and that’s because of a craftsman. Unstable Resonance is a skill that affects more than half of a raid at once and forces the player to avoid teammates whose resonance pattern is different from theirs. If the player touches it and has different bugs, the ability will activate and cause a deadly explosion within 10 yards of the player.

That is the most difficult WoW boss at that time and one that takes a lot of patience to get over. In the end, it was completed, but not without complaints from World of Warcraft design community of Mythic difficulty mode.

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