10 Characters Who Can Rival The Yonko, Ranked

The Yonko, also called the 4 Emperors of the Sea, are the four most powerful pirates within the One Piece world. They rule over the second half of the Grand Line, often called the New World, like Kings. They face no person however one another as opposition.

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These pirates are extremely succesful and have hundreds of individuals beneath their command, together with a number of allies. The facility of the Yonko is such that just a few pirates within the story can match them, with even fewer having the ability to defeat them. But regardless of their energy, a choose few pirates can rival them to some extent.

Edward Weevil Is Like Younger Whitebeard

Edward Weevil One Piece

Edward Weevil is among the former Shichibukai, who have been stripped of their title following the occasions of the Reverie. He is an extremely harmful pirate who stepped up after the Paramount Battle. Weevil has already taken down a number of allies of Whitebeard, a particularly spectacular feat.

Though his true energy hasn’t been revealed to this point, Borsalino in contrast Edward Weevil’s energy to that of a youthful Whitebeard. With energy like that, he can undoubtedly put up a combat towards the Yonko.

Kuzan Matched Sakazuki In A Battle For 10 Days

One Piece Kuzan Ice

Kuzan is a former Marine Admiral and a at present ally of the Blackbeard Pirates. Being an Admiral, Kuzan is extraordinarily highly effective. His Hie Hie no Mi satan fruit energy permits him to turn out to be ice and produce it at will.

After the Paramount Battle, Kuzan fought Sakazuki on Punk Hazard and used his powers to vary the local weather of half of the island completely. The battle was stated to be extraordinarily shut, that means Kuzan is similar to Sakazuki in energy and thus able to combating the Yonko.

Boa Hancock Is A Fearsome Pirate Captain

Boa Hancock One Piece Treasure Cruise

The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, is among the strongest pirates within the One Piece world. Similar to Weevil, she is a former Shichibukai. Hancock possesses the facility of the Mero Mero no Mi, with which she will be able to petrify anybody. She can be one of many few characters who possess all three forms of Haki, and being a Kuja, she makes a speciality of Haki utilization.

In keeping with Sengoku, Boa Hancock is a really highly effective lady. She took down a military of Pacifistas and Sentomaru with out breaking a sweat in Marineford. Even when the Navy got down to seize her, Hancock was assured in her talents to counter them.

Dracule Mihawk Is The World’s Strongest Swordsman

Dracule Mihawk at Marineford

Dracule Mihawk is among the strongest pirates within the One Piece world. Identified to have been a rival of Shanks earlier than he grew to become a Yonko, Mihawk possesses tremendous skill as a swordsman.

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He has the facility to make use of two Haki sorts, and his ability with them is sort of refined. Mihawk proved his ability in Marineford, and identical to Hancock, did not care concerning the Marines looking him down. He does not appear to concern anybody, and thus is unquestionably able to rivaling the Yonko.

Silvers Rayleigh Is Nonetheless A Highly effective Fighter

One Piece Silvers Rayleigh Kenbunshoku Haki

Rayleigh was as soon as the second-in-command of the Roger Pirates, and in his prime, he was actually among the many highest on the earth. Proper now, Rayleigh is previous, that means he has weakened significantly; nevertheless, he is nonetheless a succesful fighter.

Silvers Rayleigh has the power to make use of all of the three Haki sorts; nevertheless, he is solely displayed the utilization of superior Armament Haki. On Sabaody, Rayleigh was capable of cease Borsalino with out an excessive amount of bother, which matches to indicate that he can do the identical towards a Yonko.

Shiki Was Roger’s Rival At One Level

Shiki One Piece Golden Lion

Also called the Golden Lion, Shiki is an notorious pirate on the earth of One Piece. He is the primary one that is understood to have damaged out of Impel Down, which signifies how highly effective he actually is.

Though Shiki is previous and has misplaced each his legs, he is nonetheless menacing it doesn’t matter what. His Fuwa Fuwa no Mi powers make him difficult to take on in battle. In his prime, Shiki was capable of tackle each Garp and Sengoku directly, and destroy half of Marineford whereas he was at it. A Yonko would hardly be any bother for him.

Monkey D. Luffy Is Stronger Than Ever

Monkey D Luffy in One Piece: Stampede

One Piece’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, has grown incredibly powerful over the years. His utilization of the Gomu Gomu no Mi satan fruit is superb, however what’s actually scary about him is his Haki. Luffy is a person of all of the Haki sorts and, surprisingly, has mastered all of them to the very best diploma.

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In Wano Nation, Luffy was capable of match Kaido in battle and even injure him severely. By the tip of the arc, Luffy will almost certainly have defeated Kaido, proving past a shadow of a doubt that he has grown stronger than the Yonko himself.

Sakazuki Is The Fleet Admiral Of The Marines

One Piece Magu Magu no Mi Sakazuki Devil Fruit Magma Marine Admiral Logia

Sakazuki, previously often called Admiral Akainu, is among the strongest characters within the story. He possesses the facility of Magu Magu no Mi, a Logia sort satan fruit that’s stated to have offensive energy of the very best order.

Sakazuki defeated Kuzan on Punk Hazard, that means his ability exceeds that of Kuzan. What’s extra, he’s a succesful Haki person and might use two superior Haki sorts with ease. Sakazuki is a pressure to be reckoned with, and even the Yonko ought to concern his energy.

Sengoku Might Rival Gol D. Roger In A Battle

Sengoku Yonko Level One Piece

Sengoku of the Marines One Piece

Sengoku is the previous Fleet Admiral of the Marines, and one of many strongest ever to be counted amongst their ranks. Throughout his time as an Admiral, he was a worthy opponent for the pirate Gol D. Roger, one of the vital feared on the seas.

Sengoku possesses a Legendary Zoan Satan Fruit that enables him to show right into a Buddha and assault utilizing shockwaves. Up to now, he’s the one Marine with the facility to make use of all of the three Haki sorts. Undoubtedly, with these talents, he’s able to rivaling the Yonko.

Monkey D. Garp, The Hero Of The Marines

Young Garp from One Piece

Garp is among the strongest fighters within the One Piece world. Together with Roger, he fought Rocks and defeated him in battle, which reveals how highly effective he was again within the day. He’s additionally identified to be the only Marine who could corner Gol D. Roger. Roger himself acknowledged Garp’s ability on a number of events.

Garp possesses two forms of Haki, and is very identified for his Armament Haki. There are few fighters within the story that he could not tackle. No doubt, he can rival any Yonko in One Piece.

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