10 Best Multiplayer Video Game Interfaces of 2021

Fans of multiplayer games today have no shortage of options, with a wide variety of PvE and PvP titles of various genres available. Battle Royale fans have games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, both adopt some very different approaches when it comes to their gameplay. Hero shooters continue to thrive thanks to games like Overwatch, while co-op titles like Borderlands 3 aimed at satisfying those who prefer to fight alongside other players instead of against them. For those who want something more traditional, a new one Call of Duty title released every year.


While all of these multiplayer games offer unique gameplay experiences that set them apart, one thing they all share is a focus on cosmetics. Whether it is passed Overwatchfeatured introduction of or Fortnitepre-game fun, multiplayer game developers always give players the opportunity to show off their best skins. From fun crossovers to meaningful outfits that come with their own storylines, 2021 is packed with standout cosmetics for players to unlock or purchase. The best of the best can be seen below, listed alphabetically by game name.

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Apex Legends – Valkyrie Birthright


The list starts with a Apex Legends Valkyrie costume. The Birthright skin was part of a special launch pack when the character first appeared in Season 9. The daughter of a Titan pilot called ViperValkyrie wants to be like her father. As such, it makes sense for her to wear his helmet, which is exactly what the Birthright skin allows the player to do. The red and gold color scheme stands out, as does the intricate headdress worn by the Legend. A badge on the chest just adds to the look, as it makes it feel as if there’s a legacy behind the legacy armor.

Borderlands 3 – Disciples of the Vault Moze


Borderlands 3The second Season Pass offers two different skin packs. Each pack offers a unique skin and head piece for each Vault Hunter, with the Disciples of the Vault pack showing what playable characters would look like if they entered COV. While all four designs are memorable, it was Moze the Gunner who stole the show in the end. Moze’s Disciples of the Vault . Costume saw her helmet exchanged for a gas mask, with her hair transformed into a giant mohawk. On her shoulder is a large piece of armor resembling a mental mask, while the entire outfit looks like a common bandit’s outfit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Judge Dredd


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduces many memorable crossovers with various films. While gamers can play as John Rambo and John McClane from Die hard, and Ghostface from Screaming Armed with plenty of memorable lines, it was Judge Dredd who really stole the show. Law’s weapons and finishing moves perfectly match the character and universe he’s from, while his armor and helmet look exactly like what players would expect. What sets Dredd apart, however, is his alternate skin. The player can wear a version of the Dredd costume that’s shaded and completely black and white, completely giving the feel of the comic where the character comes from.

Fall Guys – Doom Slayer


Autumn boys There have been several video game crossovers this year, so it’s hard to pick one. However, while Kena and Skin Sackboy certainly charming, Doom Slayer’s armor gives his cameo a slight edge. Can cover one of the lovely things Autumn boys Standing head-to-toe in the always-frightening Praetor Suit may not be what players expect, but the result is a skin that’s the perfect mix of cute and cool. With pea eyes barely visible behind the visor and the cannon on Slayer’s shoulder, gamers can rip their way to the crown of victory.

Fortnite – Rick Sanchez

In the year 2021, Fortnite Proved himself to be the king of crossovers once again, with dozens of Marvel heroes arriving on The Island. However, while Spider-Man and his web shooters have certainly left their mark Fortnite, that is Rick and Mortytypical scientists deserving of the top position. While Rick’s shaded art style may put Fortnite the player is at a disadvantage, it also allows the character to stand out from the many other cosmetics available in the item shop. Epic Games has managed to perfectly capture Rick’s unique expressions and personality, with icons like Rick Dance showing just how much care is given to the character model’s facial expressions. With how much effort has been made to make Rick look like him Rick and Morty, this Season 7 battle pass skin is easily one of the best skins of the year.

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Halo Infinite – Fracture Tenrai Yoroi Samurai


First run of Halo InfiniteThe incident where Tenrai broke his bone was heavily criticized, which is understandable given how it is structured. However, while players have issues with the event itself, it’s hard to argue that the Yoroi armor is insanely cool. The sleek interface shows the player wearing a suit of armor that clearly evokes the Samurai theme, from the curved helmet to the waist-length armor. With the event set to return many times in the future, players will be able to extend the default armor set to make it look more stylish – although its default appearance is still eye-catching.

Marvel’s Avengers – Werewolves


Marvel’s Avengers‘bread and butter have been MCU leather, as costumes have proven to be extremely popular since they were first added. However, this is enhanced with focus on MCU skin made up Capwolf costume very special. Added for the Halloween season, this comic-inspired costume was taken from a story in which Steve Rogers was turned into a werewolf. While it’s certainly a bit silly, there’s nothing in the game as unique as this outfit, as the player is in control of a werewolf version of the hero. With sharp claws, white fur and a long snout, eye-catching skin to say the least.

Overwatch – Draugr Reinhardt


With Blizzard focusing on the development of Overwatch 2, the new content added to the original game is very limited. However, event cosmetics have been released at a steady rate, and they are as special as ever. Halloween Terror 2021 have seen a lot of neat interfaces, although Draugr Reinhardt is a particularly interesting addition. Along with blue skin and some glowing eyes, Reinhardt’s Nordic-themed armor stands out. The German tank boasts a neat horned helmet where one of the horns is broken, with a skull adorning his chest. A neat touch will see Rein’s teeth exposed, adding to the undead look, while the arrows protruding from his body are another fun brushstroke that pushes the theme of home.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Selene


Sackboy: A Big Adventure received special cosmetics for every real-world holiday, and while these free additions are great, it’s the costumes celebrating other PlayStation exclusives that really steal the show. While Abby and Ellie from Our Last 2 welcome addition, Selene looks even better. The Profit The protagonist’s ASTRA suit looks great, with a visor allowing the player to see Selene’s blonde hair and her other colored eyes. The yellow device that pops off her helmet is also a nice touch, showing that a lot of thought has been put into the design of this commemorative cosmetic.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Timeless River Sora

Sora and his design of the River of Time as it appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next to the world logo Timeless River.

Rounding off the list is an instantly recognizable skin for Super Smash Bros.‘s ultimate DLC fighter. The Timeless River Sora transforms the long-requested Keyblade user into the black and white version seen in the world of Timeless River since Kingdom Hearts 2. The degree is modeled after Steamship Willie, the Disney animated film proved crucial to the company’s early success. In addition to the full color scheme for Sora, his face has also been reworked to better match the look and feel of old cartoons. A great callback for Heart Kingdom franchise, this particular outfit shows the love that has been put in Super Smash Bros.of the Sora DLC.

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