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No one saves the world To be a unique RPG that boasts a novel class system where players transform into many different characters with their own attacks and stats. There are over a dozen different forms to unlock, level up and upgradeand each has a series of character-specific quests for the player to pursue in order to unleash the full potential of the form.

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With so many forms to choose from, it can be difficult for players to figure out which form is best suited for each challenge the game presents. While there are no bad forms on the team, there are certainly some forms that stand out as the best possible form to aid the player in their quest to save the world.

ten Mouse

a little blue mouse fights giant caterpillar enemies in a colorful forest with two small ponds nearby

The Rat form is the first new form the player will unlock as they begin their journey, but it’s still one of the best form in the whole game. Rat’s small size gives an impressive amount of power, although players may want to equip the Egg Hard Shell perk to compensate for the Rat’s low health.

Pair the poison effect of the Gnaw attack with the Ranger’s Poison Tipped passive perk to turn Rat into a poisoned machine. Adds an area-effect attack like Turtle Spray to hit multiple enemies at once, then stacks up Dragon’s Dread and Slug’s Secret to deal massive critical damage to all nearby enemies .


9 Turtle

a turtle shell that spins through a group of monstrous, worm-like enemies that leave damage numbers appearing above their heads

Tortoise form is a surprising power of a form and a form that comes with some of the game’s best abilities. Its standard attack, Hell Shell, is one of the most useful Blunt-style skills, as it can be used to deal tons of damage to groups of enemies and open never-before-seen exits. had before.

However, the best utility that the Tortoise has comes from its passive perk, Fast Charge, this reduces the charge time for any attacks that have a cumulative time. Attacks like Slug’s Blob Lob and Dragon’s Fireball benefit greatly from this perk, and having a quick-charge, strong-hit kit can turn the Turtle into a real shell.

8 Horse

a flaming yellow horse rushes through a crowd of enemies leaving damage numbers flying overhead

Peony Horse is one of the No one saves the worldThe most innovative character classes of, turning the typical hero into a literal horse. Its standard attack, Kick Back, is a quick kick with its hind legs, which means it only deals damage when facing away from a targeted enemy.

Once players get used to this unorthodox way of dealing damage, they will quickly realize that Horse is an extremely powerful form that can knock enemies away with Kick Back or Gallop. Added Bodybuilder’s Strongman passive perk for even more powerful knockdown and damage.

7 forest ranger

a small woman in a yellow dress and conical hat shoots an arrow into some boxes in a dark rocky environment

The Ranger form is one of the first forms the player can unlock after starting the game and is even required completed a very difficult side quest for the Knight Association. But the Ranger is one of those No one saves the worldthe best forms like it unlocks a set of awesome abilities that are vital to some of the game’s best builds.

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Ranger’s native passive skill is Poison Tipped, which poisons all Ranger’s attacks. It also learns Arrow skills Flurry and Dodge, two of the most useful Sharp-type attacks in the whole game. Arrow Flurry alone is well worth the investment, dealing massive amounts of damage that, when combined with the right skills, can cause any status effect for a few seconds.

6 Dragon

a fire-breathing red dragon on a group of cartoon skulls on a dimly lit cliffside path

Dragon is No one saves the worldis the final form, and it’s really as powerful as this would suggest. To unlock the Dragon, the player needs to reach at least Rated C with both Necromancer and Robot form, as well as an S rank with Egg form, request found five distinctive bird nests scattered around the world.

However, one of the dragons acquired is a strong form with great combat utility. It can move on water, so it has no movement restriction, and its Fire Breath and Fireball skills give it considerable area control. Pair the Dragon’s native boost into a critical hit chance against enemies affected by Slug’s Secret to clear entire dungeons with ease.

5 Necromancer

a skeleton wearing a black cloak shoots a black bolt of lightning at a group of enemy monsters

Necromancer is one of the highest order forms in Nobody Saves the World, requires C-rank status in Mermaid, Rogue, and Ghost forms to unlock. And it’s well worth the effort, as it’s one of the most powerful forms in the entire game.

Necromancer specializes in Deals Shadow damage and summons demons to attack the enemy on its behalf. Players can equip the Magician’s Hat and Zombie’s Zombite on the Necromancer to form a near-immortal army of loyal soldiers.

4 Monks

a bald monk emitting yellow energy around him at the surrounding enemies

The Monk is one of the more challenging forms to start with No one saves the world, but his abilities are well worth the investment. To unlock Monk, the player will need to get both the Horse and the Magician to rank A., which is not possible until custom tasks are available.

The Monk form itself is a powerful melee fighter, using fist attacks to damage enemies. Its passive privilege, Smite, gives Monk a chance to strike enemies with lightning after taking damage or recovering. Upgrading Smite increases the chance of being hit by lightning, which pairs well with the Egg’s Incubate ability for constant healing.

3 Mermaid

a light blue mermaid with sharp teeth uses water waves to smash groups of enemies

The Mermaid’s form is a bit shocking, as it looks more like a terrible monster than a beautiful maiden. But what it lacks in good looks it makes up for in strength and versatility. The Mermaid is unlocked after reaching rank C in Slug form.

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Mermaid’s standard attack, Water Burst, possibly has the widest range of use in any attack in the whole game. It can be used in rapid fire to hit enemies at short distances or up to create a shorter, more powerful explosion to push enemies away. Pair this with the bodybuilder’s Strongman perk and the Turtle’s Quick Charge to turn the Water Burst into a fast-firing cannon.

2 Robot

a cyborg is attacking a group of monsters with a rotating and electrically charged drill

Robots are a surprising addition to No one saves the world, a game that takes place in a beautiful medieval world. But Robot is here, and it’s one of the most powerful forms of the game. To unlock the Robot, players will need to reach rank C or higher with Monk, Tortoise and Zombie forms.

The Robot’s standard attack is a powerful drill punch that can be delivered to spin the drill and deal more damage, but the real use of this form comes from its passive skill, Steel. Plated. Steel Plating not only reduces damage taken as a percentage of maximum health, but also adds an aura that deals Sharp damage to any nearby enemies.

first Bodybuilder

a buff man throws a barbell at a group of enemies standing on a rocky path

The Bodybuilder is the form the player will be most likely to unlock early in the game, but it remains one of the most useful forms in the later parts of the story. To unlock the Bodybuilder form, what the player will have to do is get rank A on the Ranger form.

The Bodybuilder has some of the strongest attacks in the entire game and his power stats are so high that he usually deals more damage with certain attacks than even forms their basics. Both his standard attack, Bench Press, and his additional attack, Flex, deal massive damage, and His Strongman Passive Perks are part of many of the game’s best custom builds.

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