10 best electric Pokemon and where to catch them

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is the highly anticipated remake of Pokemon The game is set in the Sinnoh region. While some players regularly revisit the original Generation 4 games, others may not have played since the original releases 15 years ago, so let’s recap what Pokemon available in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls won’t hurt!

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When Pokemon Diamond and Pearl not known for its abundance of choice when it comes to electrical type Pokemon, everything is great Pokemon team need one, and because there no electric starter in Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls, it is important for players to know their options. There are some great choices for electrics Pokemon that is easy to overlook.


Pokemon Pacirisu Jump

Pachirisu really shines when it comes to its Speed ​​stat. At the age of 95, Pacirisu can overcome many opponents in battle. Pacirisu may lack Attack and HP, so the player may not make it to the Elite Four.

Pacirisu can be most easily seen walking on tall grass at Feugo Ironworks or Route 205, where it has a good chance of spawning.

Pacirisu’s stats:

HP: 60

Attack: 45

Special attack: 45

Defense: 70

Special Defense: 90

Speed, velocity: 95

Total: 405


Plusle / Minun

Pokemon Plusle Minun smiles

Plusle and Minun are technically two separate Pokemonand although the player probably won’t choose both Pokemon to fill the Electric slot on their team, both have their benefits. Plusle focuses more on attack Pokemon, while Minun is more defensive Pokemon. Both Pokemon have an impressive Speed ​​stat of 95, which can be useful in battle, and their unique Electric stat means they have little weakness.

Both Plusle and Minun can be caught in Cup Garden while walking on tall grass.

Plusle’s stats:

HP: 60 Attack: 50 Special attack: 85 Defense: 40 Special Defense: 75 Speed, velocity: 95 Total: 405

Minun’s stats:

HP: 60 Attack: 40 Special attack: 75 Defense: 50 Special Defense: 85 Speed, velocity: 95 Total: 405


Pokemon Lanturn Shining

When Lanturn not hailed as the best electricity Pokemon, it’s worth it. Lanturn’s HP of 125 is impressive, especially compared to its other lower stats like 58 Defense and Attack stats. The Lanturn’s opposing electric and water-resistant dual-typing gives it its weak point and very good resistance.

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Chinchou, Lanturn’s basic evolution, and Lanturn herself can caught with a fishing rod above Route 220.

Lanturn’s stats:

HP: 125

Attack: 58

Special attack: 76

Defense: 58

Special Defense: 76

Speed, velocity: sixty seven

Total: 460


Pokemon Raichu raise your hand

Iconic Pikachu Evolution, Raichu, boasts an amazing Speed ​​stat of 110 and like most Electrics Pokemon, can overcome most opponents in battle. Raichu can’t be a great person Pokemon when it comes to low HP and Defense though some of its weaknesses help with this.

Raichu evolves from Pichu and then Pikachu, both of which can be captured Cup Garden by walking on tall grass. Players will need a Thunder Stone to evolve Pikachu into Raichu, which can be found in Sunyshore City.

Raichu’s stats:

HP: 60

Attack: 90

Special attack: 90

Defense: 55

Special Defense: 80

Speed, velocity: 110

Total: 485


Pokemon Electrode smiles

When The electrode of Its HP and Attack stats are nothing to talk about, its massive Speed ​​stat is more than enough to make up for it. With iconic moves like Explosion and Self-Destruction, which lead to Electrode fainting, most players only choose to use Electrode as a last resort, even though it has a decent amount of water moving to use as a Pokemon in the main team of most players.

Voltorb, the lower evolved electrode, can be found in tall grass above Route 218 and also in Grand Underground. Voltorb will evolves into Electrode at 30 . level, this should not cause any problems for players with Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls Exp remains unchanged. Repost.

Electrode stats:

HP: 60

Attack: 50

Special attack: 80

Defense: 70

Special Defense: 80

Speed, velocity: 150

Total: 490


Pokemon Ampharos standing in the forest

Ampharos is a great Pokemon for any team. It has a surprisingly low Speed ​​stat for an Electric Pokemon, at just 55, but its other stats are good enough to make up for it. Ampharos’ diverse moves make it a great choice for a team that needs flexibility, as it can learn several Electric, Combat, Fire, and even Dragon-type moves.

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Ampharos evolves from Mareep and Flaaffy at levels 15 and 30 respectively. An evolved Flaaffy can be found in the tall grass above. Route 222 using Poke Radar.

Ampharos stats:

HP: 90

Attack: 75

Special attack: 115

Defense: 85

Special Defense: 90

Speed, velocity: 55

Total: 510


Pokemon Luxray Fighting Pose

Luxray is a great fit for any Pokemon team and praise all The Beginning of Generation 4 Pokemon is fine. Luxray’s Speed ​​stat is significantly lower than other Electrics Pokemon available, but high Attack stat is 120 and Special Attack stat is 95 making it a great threat to opponents in battle. Shinx, Luxray’s base evolution, can also be captured early in a level making it useful for the long game.

Shinx are widely available for fishing, found in tall grasses in Route 202, Road 203, Route 204, and Fuego Ironworks. Shinx can also be caught in Grand Underground.

Luxray stats:

HP: 80

Attack: 120

Special attack: 95

Defense: 79

Special Defense: 79

Speed, velocity: 70

Total: 523


Angry Pokemon Magnezone

Has huge Defense and Special Attack stats, Magnezone is a great choice for a heavy hit Pokemon that players can go to the Elite Four. Its Special Attack stat of 130 is higher than some legendary Pokemonand Magnezone has a consolidated migration pool to back it up. Its dual steel and electric knock also give it a wide range of resistances and there is only one real threat in its 4x damage weakness to move the ground type.

Magnemite, the undeciphered form of Magnezone, can be found most readily in tall grass at Fuego Ironworks, but can also be found in Grand Underground. Players will need a Thunder Stone to fully evolve this Pokemon into Magnezone, which can be found in Sunyshore City.

Magnezone stats:

HP: 70

Attack: 70

Special attack: 130

Defense: 115

Special Defense: 90

Speed, velocity: 60

Total: 535


Pokemon Jolteon's Battle Pose

Jolteon is a symbol Pokemon from Generation 1 and still one of the more reliable Electrics Pokemon for transparent players Pokemon series. Its strong Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed ​​stats make it a great choice for players and its unique Electric typing gives it some weaknesses compared to the Electric style. other dual Pokemon lagging behind.

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Jolteon’s pre-evolution, Eevee, can be seen in the tall grass in Cup Gardenand after use Thunder Stone can be turned into electricity Pokemon.

Jolteon stats:

HP: 65

Attack: 65

Special attack: 110

Defense: 60

Special Defense: 95

Speed, velocity: 130

Total: 525

Electivire (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Exclusive)

Pokemon Electivire in battle

Electivire is a great choice for players looking for a powerful attack Pokemon. Electivire’s 123 Attack and 95 Special Attack make it a safe choice for the Electric option. Electivire is a to exclude, to expel Pokemon only found in nature Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

Electivire’s base evolution, Elekid, can be found in Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond only one and will need to be developed into Electabuzz before being traded Electirizer to evolve into Electivire.

Electivire stats:

HP: 75

Attack: 123

Special attack: 95

Defense: sixty seven

Special Defense: 85

Speed, velocity: 95

Total: 540

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl available to play on Nintendo Switch.

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