10 best decals, ranked

Missile Federation has been one of the top multiplayer games since 2015 and for good reasons. Whether gamers play this game for quick matchmaking, fast-paced gameplay, or customization, it’s got a lot going for it. It’s fair to say that the developers of Psyonix have mastered the recipe they started with Missile Federationspiritual precursor of, Supersonic aerobatic missile support combat vehicle.

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Rocket League offers many innovative ways for players to customize their battle vehicle. Gamers can use hundreds of decals to express their style and experience with the game. Among the many choices for these types of decals, here are some of the best.


Rocket League 10 best decals S3 - GOLD

No matter what season it is, gold decals always stand out. The yellow color itself is quite unique as it’s not included in the game’s palette. Using a combination of gold and a good finish will never make it look truly golden, which is why the gold decals stand out so much. Moreover, it is a great way to look completely different from others, using green, blue or red.

One downside of gold is that it sometimes becomes confusing if the player belongs to the blue team or the orange team. But if players can get through that, this decal is epic. After all, who doesn’t love bling?



Rocket League 10 Best Flame Decals

The flame can be a generic design from the perspective of looking for something different. But it is a classic car, and is always suitable for muscle cars. Using this common decal might not attract a lot of attention, but it sure does make one look like an acrobatic photo shoot.

The flame is the classic design you’ll find on a demolition derby car or something out of a stunt racing car — in other words, it’s perfect for Rocket League. Unlike gold, players can choose from multiple color combinations in Flames, with red-yellow being the most realistic.


Rocket League 10 Best Striped Decals

A fast-paced muscle car with stripes is one of the most popular styles in the racing world. So the Stripes from Rocket League will go with vehicles like the Dominus. It’s like a match made from heaven, and really has a minimalist yet classy look.

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By using this casual decal, players will definitely feel like Dominic Toretto from the Fast & Furious series. However, that’s not an excuse to introduce everyone to the match. Stripes also works well with Octane, so keep experimenting and build the perfect custom style.


Rocket League 10 Best Decals in Space

Vibrant, colorful and animated: These are three words that describe Spatiotemporal. This limited animated decal can be extremely eye catching in games. The best part about this is the speed of animation and the unique color combinations that players can create.

This decal goes well with neon or glow wheels, and looks especially eye-catching on flashy trails. One downside is that Spatiotemporal can be a bit distracting during key moments in casual games. Still, it’s a great one to use in competitive Rumble or Hoops.


Rocket League 10 best decals unpacked

The biggest problem with Black Market decals is that they are of inconsistent quality. Some look unconditionally gorgeous, while others just blow you away. The decompression is somewhere in between, that’s what makes it look so nice. The smooth decompression animation looks good on many vehicles, especially since the colors are fully customizable.

Another great thing about Unzipped is that it is a black market item and not many people use it, which means it is quite unique and outstanding. The Breakout in particular looks super cool with this decal and could have looked better with the proper wheels, trails and acceleration.


Rocket League 10 Best Decal Hunters

Huntress is a one-of-a-kind and hard to describe. Think of it as a three-dimensional 3D futuristic wireframe. The Huntress covers the car with bright stripes that look like it has depth inside, making the car look like a sci-fi car from the movie Tron.

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Huntress is one of the most unique and aesthetic types of decals inside Missile Federation. It’s perfect for those who want minimal customization but still want to look different from everyone else. Moreover, this decal is not distracting, which is a plus.


Rocket League Top 10 Best Decals

Goop is one of the best cartoon decals in Missile Federation. Its smooth looping animation looks completely dynamic, even though it’s not. It’s a flashy decal, but sure, a well-made one.

The fluid that continuously drips down the rear of the car is done so perfectly that it’s hard to think this decal is a Black Market item. Luckily this is an animated decal Very rare and possible obtained from blue Missile Federation drop. Goop looks best with other animated accessories, trails, and wheels.

Snow storm

Rocket League 10 best decals SnowStorm

Snowstorm is a limited edition decal with brilliant snowflake animations that repeats perfectly. The finish is high and it also has color modification options. Snowstorm is perfect for winter and players can get very creative with this by making it look festive for Christmas or extremely cold.

It is one of the better animated decals in the game. However, there is one downside to Snowstorm: it doesn’t look too scary.

Among the stars

Rocket League 10 best decals among the stars

Interstellar is for players who love space and want to get Missile Federation experience to a spiritual level. While there’s no astronomical amount that will help the players win matches, this decal is sure to get some eyes on the vehicle.

It’s one of the better animated decals in Missile Federation and make the car look absolutely different. Similar to gold, however, this also has similar disadvantages. It can sometimes be confusing for the team the decal user is playing on, especially in the set of consecutive quick games.


Rocket League 10 best decals Filiformer

This one checks all the boxes as one of the best rocket tournament Decal. It’s cool, scary, cartoonish, simple and minimalist, making the car look eye-catching but not flashy.

Most impressively, the decal’s animation matches the rhythm of the song the player is listening to, amplifying the entire experience with visual and audio synergy. It really is one of the best decals in the game.

Rocket League 10 Best Decals None

As an anti-climate bonus, this is possibly the deadliest look in Rocket League: no decals. This one is for those who are extremely well versed in the game and breathe the dribbling air. Imagine going in without paint, just a regular orange or blue, and dominating every opponent.

There is nothing scarier and flashier than not caring about looks. Only the most terrifyingly talented players can do this.

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