10 Best Bosses and Enemies of 2021

The different challenges that video game bosses and enemies pose to players have a huge impact on the overall experience a game offers. In spite of Enemy design in a video game often less scrutinized than character abilities, weapons, and level design, opponents decide how these other factors combine to present the player with a challenge. Certain bosses are simply an explosion to fight, serving as an epic climax that accentuates the story. Some enemies inspire awe just by their presence, while others push players to breaking point in terms of challenge and mechanical mastery.

This year features a massive collection of bosses and enemies, with enemy mechanics ranging from flamboyant co-op shooters to intense hide-and-seek, to master JRPG tactics with precision. And in terms of visuals, gamers are confused by everything from fresh familiar enemies to new horror icons in the making. In no particular order, here are the cremes of this year’s crop.


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Lady Dimitrescu – Dragon Form (Resident Evil Village)


Resident Evil Village Throw dozens of creative enemies at Ethan Winters, from the chainsaw-headed Sturm to the mutated mad doctor, Moreau. But in the end, none of them can compete with the final confrontation before the heroine’s latest horror, Lady Dimitrescu. After Ethan kills his three daughters and lures her into a final confrontation, the giant female vampire sheds her usual seductive exterior and unleashes her inner dragon.

The flying monstrosity slowly destroys the tower that serves as Ethan’s vantage point and starts the player off with a combination of air and suffocating, land-based encounters. Although the encounter occurred relatively early in Resident Evil Villagethe story of, boss fights are still a high point that will stick with players long after the credits are released.

Fury Bowser (Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury)

Fury Bowser Boss Fight

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury To be a great upgrade to one of the best 3D Mario Game out there, in no small part thanks to the game’s new semi-open world expansion set in Lake Lapcat. As Mario explores the lake and collects Cat Shines, Kaiju-esque boss Fury Bowser will periodically attack with sparks and summoned storms.

Although often an obstacle to Mario’s progress, Fury Bowser’s Presence It’s really necessary to unlock some Cat Shines, but the best part about Fury Bowser is the power Mario uses to fight him head-on. Using Bowser’s Fury-exclusive Giga Bell, Mario is able to transform into a giant version of Cat Mario with a golden lion mane that resembles both Super Saiyan and Super Sonic. The resulting brawl was an explosion.

Hyperion (Return)

Returnal Hyperion Concept Art

Players who can progress through ProfitEchoing Ruins’ level will meet another test of skill in the game’s fourth boss form. Hyperion is said to be the game’s second hardest boss and is an evil alien musician playing the most terrifying organ in the universe. All-inclusive battle ProfitIts key mechanics, which include dazzling ballistic patterns and sweeping beam attacks are set to a haunting score. But the battle construction is almost as dramatic as the fireworks players face in the boss arena, with Selene’s lines suggesting that the alien song is increasingly affecting her sanity. that. The artistic shots she has to dodge and weave through are visually striking, leading to an almost psychedelic struggle.

Narwa the All Mother (Rise of Monster Hunter)

Thunder Serpent Narwa with flying stones and lightning from Monster Hunter Rise

Narwa the All Mother—Monster Hunter RiseIts final boss — proves that Capcom still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to creative monster-slaying encounters, even in six installments. When Lightning Serpent Narwa absorbed the life force of her mate, the Wind Serpent Ibushi, the adult dragon attained a new level of power that rivaled that of a god. Before that can happen, however, the player must face both Ibushi and Narwa at the same time, using a combination of weapon attacks, ballistae shooting and rope swings. Better still, some of the game’s most challenging beasts will regroup for the ultimate battle. Everything from All Mother’s unique music and design to the variety of opponents and combat mechanics is carefully calculated to create an epic showdown.

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Wasp Queen (Lost Two)

it takes two queen bee bosses

It takes two‘NS unique approach to asymmetrical backgrounds, puzzles, Split-screen collaboration was a blast through and through, but the bosses really highlight the game’s surprisingly stellar combat. One of the best scenes of the title is Mae and Cody going up against a giant mech Wasp Queen. During this level, Cody is armed with a flammable plastic gun, which May must detonate with her match rifle, resulting in a synchronized firing exercise.

In addition to the standard arena, the large boss arena, where the player must dodge attacks and shoot the boss directly, the player must also use the grinding rail to shoot at the bot’s weak point. Other elements include shockwaves, swords, scissors, and aircraft including swarms of wasps. The true identity of the boss and the series of rest days are also very interesting.

Corrupt Woodsmith (Kena: Bridge of Spirits)

kenna-bridge-of-the-wooden-spirit's debauchery

Kena: Bridge of Spirits‘bosses have some serious bites to test every trick a player has at their disposal. For example, the great looking Corrupt Woodsmith has an invulnerable mechanic that can be used to test the skills of the player’s newly purchased Spirit Bombs. Corrupt Woodsmith will also frequently use the ring of fire that sweeps across the stage and summons extra summons to aid her against Kena. Once her impregnable engine is destroyed, Woodsmith will enter the frenetic second phase of the fight, which plays out like a regular boss battle. As with many of the other epic battles on this list, the music is the main highlight of the fight and the highlight of the game. Kena’magical soundtrack.

Lahmu (Shin Megami Tensei 5)

Lahmu Shin Megami Tensei SMT DRAW

An ancient entity from Mesopotamian mythology, Shin Megami Tensei 5 The player will battle Lahmu on two separate occasions. The first fight is a pretty straightforward one – as long as the player’s party doesn’t have demons vulnerable to Dark, as Lahmu can instantly kill them with a Mudo. However, the second battle was considerably harder. The first stage features a distributed vulnerability defense that forces the player to destroy Lahmu’s tentacles before they can attack the creature’s main body.

During the final stages of the war, Lahmu is only weak against Fire and is capable of casting the Babylonian Curse spell that deals Almighty damage. Players will need to carefully choose the right team of the best demons in Shin Megami Tensei 5 and equip their heroes with the right Miracles to prevail.

Fing Fang Foom (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Guadians of the Galaxy-Fin-Fang-Foom-Boss-Fight

Admittedly, Fin Fang Foom is one of Marvel Comics’ weirdest villains: a shapeshifting alien whose resting state resembles a Chinese dragon, which resulted in him being sent into the Chinese mythology of universe 616. This somewhat silly source makes Guardians of the Galaxytake on the character all the more impressive.

Although Fing Fang Foom is usually one of Iron Man’s games, his alien origins are still tied to Guardians’emotional and funny story. During the fight, Star-Lord must first strip Foom of Foom’s ice armor while dodging claw sweeps and exploding fireballs amid the game’s hilarious jokes and excellent voice acting. Foom’s attacks become increasingly intense throughout the fight, and the cutscenes that follow are like a comic strip.

EMMI (Metroid Dread)


After a long hiatus, Metroid Dread marks the triumphant return of Samus Aran. Bounty hunters face off against monsters, cyborgs, and aliens, but EMMI units stand out as villains in the game. The sleek, acrobatic robots that chase Samus across different regions of the planet ZDR are a dramatic modernization of Metroid series of ‘classic aesthetics.

Mechanically, EMMI units have some problems. By giving players a glimmer of hope in the form of a difficult counterattack, any encounter with an EMMI unit capable of instant death is guaranteed to make the player’s heart skip a beat.

Lord of the Doors (Door of Death)


While indie RPG adventure-RPG Door of death provide a lighter, more accessible way, Soul-style game, it NSaves its most brutal encounter for the last time. The game’s main antagonist, The Lord of the Doors, boasts a seven-stage boss fight that’ll make you feel at home in the genre that inspired it. Periods of pattern recognition-based arena combat are alternated with passages, where the player must dodge charging enemies and use the game’s hook-like magic to advance up.

Door of death generous with checkpoints, however, and it even fully restores Raven’s health and magic before the final phase, when the boss considers himself the Last Lord. During this final flash, the boss can use all attacks from previous phases at random intervals.

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