10 beginner tips for Jurassic 2 evolution you need to know

Brilliant colors Jurassic World Evolution 2 is now available, and players have learned how to tame their new dinosaurs. Tons of new features have been added, adding to the already existing ones, and favorite animals have also been brought back.

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The sequel to Evolution of the Jurassic World introduced two new types of dinosaurs: aquatic and bird. The game also offers other features that are built and improved from the first game, including new shops, new dinosaurs, new tools to use, etc. These features can also make the game play harder to reach for beginners. Luckily, this list of tips will be useful to anyone just starting out in their dinosaur park management career.

ten Know the different game modes

Ichthyosaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

In Evolution of the Jurassic World, players now have different options for how to play the game: New Campaign Mode, Challenge Mode, Sandbox Mode and “Chaos Theory” Mode.

The campaign mode takes players through a story of fixing up various pre-existing parks, while the sandbox allows for free construction of any park they want. Challenge mode, as the name suggests, is harder and can offer a new experience for seasoned players. Meanwhile, a new Chaos Theory mode introduces new scenarios based on scenes from the movie, with the phrase “what if it happens?” twisted. Knowing the difference will allow players to choose the type of game they most want to play.


9 Park Rating

jurassic world evolves 2 portals

Unlike most other construction and management games, including Jurassic World Evolution 1, The park’s rating is now based on only one thing: money. This game relies on park earnings to generate ratings; nothing else is taken into account at this time.

To get a rating four or five stars, players will need to have a big and fun park to bring in tons of customers and lots of cash. The more money a player earns, the higher the rating.

8 Assign tasks to employees

Jurassic world evolved dinosaur 2 sides of water

One mistake players often make is trying to take on all the responsibility on their own. Everyone has been there, but it doesn’t have to be. Micromanagement is not ideal when it comes to a big game like Jurassic World Evolution.

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Like other amusement park simulators, There are different types of staff available to assist players. Scientists will do research, and rangers will wrap up insidious dinosaurs when the player is not looking. Furthermore, ranger stations can even be located inside dinosaur bird habitats to ensure they are continuously registered.

7 Path Stop Overload

Maaradactylus Jurassic World Evolution 2

Overcrowding is becoming a real problem… in amusement park management games. People who like Planet Zoo has the function of adding large pipelines to satisfy the growing customer base and BorderOur new game is no different.

Guest comfort plays a part here, and that means there’s enough space to walk in. You should arrange to research the Structures as soon as possible, to get a plan to build a wide path. This means less negative feedback from patrons and will increase satisfaction scores.

6 Understanding different types of guests

jurassic world evolves 2 t-rex

As in real life, Jurassic World amusement parks can attract different types of guests – in this case, four categories. There are casual, non-specialist guests, along with adventurous, luxury and nature guests. Different types of people are brought in depending on what is placed in the park, from buildings to shops to attractions.

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The available stores have had a slight change: they currently hold different types of guests are happy due to for their product range. For example, some eateries cater to a luxury audience, so be sure to check this out when building the park.

5 Build an emergency shelter

jurassic world evolution 2 mosasaurus

This is pretty obvious. Please, For the safety of staff and guests, build at least one emergency shelter. This is especially important if the park will be filled with adults, Blood thirsty.

No matter how carefully the park is run, things can go wrong. Suppose a little Velociraptor escapes after a storm – then what? People will need somewhere to go, and an emergency shelter is a safe place. Make sure to place it in a central location so everyone can reach it.

4 Choose your scientist wisely


Scientists are a very important part of Evolution of the Jurassic World. Without them, nothing new would be studied, dinosaurs would not be created, and the parks would be very dull.

Yes different ways to hire scientists, and all of them come with handy features. Logistics, genetic, and Welfare are three skill classes that scientists can possess. It is recommended to hire multiple scientists who can focus on different skills, rather than hiring each scientist with overall average competence.

3 Don’t forget the power stations

Amargasaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

Powers are not granted by the universe in this game; rather, it has to be paid and created. For starters, players get a backup generator, which unfortunately isn’t as good as it sounds. They are very expensive, and not recommended to operate real facilities. However, keep one for emergencies.

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Backup generators should first be used to power scientific facilities so that scientists can study innovative electrical technology: power stations. Build these as soon as possible because they are much more efficient and don’t cost too much ($300,000) to fill.

2 Map is key

Cryolophosaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

This sounds really obvious, but don’t ignore the map. Use it. Along with showing the layout of the park and the location of each facility (admittedly more handy in campaign mode than the sandbox), it can display a lot of useful information.

If a dinosaur escapes, it will appear on the map. Broken fences, equipment, or facilities also appear, so the correct teams can be dispatched as soon as any problems can be fixed. Used in conjunction with Management tools, the map can even show a customer’s location and their activity.

first Keep the dinosaurs happy

Mosasaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

If there was a golden rule to play Jurassic World Evolution 2, it is here: Keep for. All. Dinosaur. Delight. If their specific requests are not fulfilled, there will be blood.

Dinosaurs need to be raised properly be fed, watered and stayed at home to stop them from trying to escape and destroy anything that stands in their way. Exact fencing, neighbours, food, fortifications, and environment are just a few factors that influenced how dinosaurs felt. Comply with their appropriate wants and needs, and they’ll be fine.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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