1 Crazy Comment From CDC Director Walensky Proving She’s Blatantly Corrupt Or Dangerously Innocent

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly proven unreliable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As if to bolster those suspicions, the organization’s director took it upon himself to praise communist China.

In a conversation with WBUR-FM, CDC director Rochelle Walensky discussed the effectiveness of COVID-19 strategies in different countries, according to transcripts from Brownstone Institute.

Walensky begins with punishing Sweden, a popular target of lip-locking “health experts” like her. She said its death rate per capita was 591 parts per million, which she said “rivals” the US rate of 593 parts per million.

First, the point itself cuts back on the argument Walensky is trying to make. Sweden has never stopped working, but Walensky said its death rate is still slightly lower than that of the US, which has seen many states close multiple times throughout the pandemic.

Also, it’s not clear where Walensky is getting these numbers. Based on Statista, the United States has a rate of 2,352 COVID-19 deaths per million, and Sweden’s rate is 1,472 deaths per million.


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According to Statista data, the United States will rank 18th worldwide in terms of deaths per million, while Sweden ranks 42nd. This shows that Sweden’s policies are significantly more effective than theirs. America.

Sadly, Walensky’s misunderstanding of the data is not limited to the US and Sweden. She kept recommending China COVID-19 Strategies are strategies that other countries should emulate.

“To give you an understanding of what lockdowns can do in other countries, and I mean really strict lockdowns, in China their death rate is three parts per million.”

According to Statista, it is true that China has reported a death rate from COVID-19 of 3 people per million. The problem is that China has given the rest of the world no reason to believe their numbers.

Should Walensky believe the Chinese numbers?

Over the entire pandemic, China has reported only 111,007 cases of COVID-19 and 4,849 deaths. Both of these numbers are humorously low for a country where the virus originated.

Back in April 2020, Daily Monster US intelligence reports suggest China has “hidden the extent of its coronavirus outbreak.” If China has reported missing its numbers since its inception, with no evidence that its current numbers are any more honest.

In fact, the new reports cast even more doubt on China’s reliability in any information about COVID-19. In March 2021, Foreign Policy reported that China was aware of the coronavirus in December 2019 but had “downplayed” it for a “critical few weeks”.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s calculated cover-up allowed the coronavirus to spread globally,” FP reported. “By silencing doctors, Beijing is not only promoting this pandemic, but also damaging the world’s ability to detect the next pandemic.”

The FP said China maintained no health care workers had contracted the virus until January 19, 2020. When it was finally acknowledged that human-to-human transmission had occurred, it remained “only” reported a fraction of the true number”.


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This agency concludes that China’s lies have led to thousands of unnecessary things death, many of which occur in the healthcare industry.

Needless to say, China has given other countries plenty of reason to question nearly everything they say about COVID-19. Even so, Walensky still chooses to take the country’s word and publicly praise China for it.

There’s a reason why the CDC keeps bringing down countries like Sweden while praising communist ones like China. That’s because it wants to stay in power.

Since the start of the pandemic, federal government agencies have demonstrated the American desire to micromanage at all times. Walensky is willing to do whatever he can to maintain that power, even if it means praising the communists.

https://www.westernjournal.com/1-insane-comment-cdc-director-walensky-proves-either-blatantly-corrupt-dangerously-naive/ 1 Crazy Comment From CDC Director Walensky Proving She’s Blatantly Corrupt Or Dangerously Innocent

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