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Teon – (MOD, Unlimited Money) .
亞瑟 王 統一 伊丁 大陸 , 巴 別 塔 , 企圖 登上 天堂 , 神 , 觸怒 觸怒 , 被 別 別 之 之
亞瑟 王朝 崩塌 , 列 王 , 伊丁 大陸 戰火 之中。
黑 暗 生物 藉機 興風 作浪 陰霾 籠罩 大陸 大陸
希望 之 光 從未 消散 , 、 騎士 、 精靈 等 精英 力量 , 亞瑟 王 後裔 , 在 王族 帶領 之下 和平 和平 和平


暗夜 精靈 : 可 持 雙 、 鋼爪 、 手 甲 , 燃燒 鬥志 雙 重 破壞 , 擁有 超高 物理 攻擊 力 和

多 種 武器 防具 類型 , 各 大 特色 特色
在 安定 值 內 強化 不 爆 裝 , 超過 安定 值 可 用 保護 卷軸 強化。。

裝備 、 物品 交易。
寄售 系統 , 省 省力。

更 多 精妙 細節 設定 , 會 在 後續 中 推出。

【誓約 書 和 會員】
1 Teon
: http://teon.lakoo.com/rules/
協議 : https://lakoo.com/en/privacy/
若 要 購買 誓約 書 , 點擊 遊戲 界面 上 皇冠 圖標 , 打開 可以 看到 購買 購買 購買 封印 誓約 書 書 書 書[15天]”的 入口。 也 可以 和 應 之 島 倉庫 左 邊 人物 人物 人物 神 的 僕 從[誓約書]”對話。

遊戲 首 次 啟動 會 有 有 1 分鐘 左右 的 內容 內容 資料 包 過程 請 耐心 耐心 等待 并 屏幕 下方 解壓 解壓 進度
Original Teon

: ‘Teon’ : 「Teon- 」 或 「Teon- 」。
【Story Background】
King Arthur unified the continent of Edin, built the Tower of Babel, tried to ascend to heaven, controlled the kingdom of the gods, angered the Creator, and was sealed in the Tower of Babel.
The Arthurian dynasty fell, kings appeared, and the continent of Yiding fell into war.
The dark creatures took the opportunity to create waves, and clouds covered the continent of Edin.
The light of hope never fades. Elite forces such as mages, knights and elves supported King Arthur’s descendants and fought for peace under the leadership of the royal family!

【Career year】
Royal Family: Leader of the blood alliance, proficient in a variety of weapons, has a higher probability of physical attack
Knight: With a large shield to unleash solid protection, or a two-handed sword to unleash an impact aura, with super high physical attack and physical strength
Mage: Use magic wand, carry summoned beasts, control meteor showers, unleash the ultimate aurora separation technique, have super high magic attack power
Elf: You can learn the four elements of wind, fire, water and earth magic. As a ranged archer, you have a three-arrow arrow. As a melee, you have a soul of flame.
Dark Elves: Can wield dual knives, steel claws, and armor. Exhausted fighting spirit unleashes double destruction, has super high physical attack power and high evasion rate

[Equipment strengthening]
A variety of weapons and armor highlight the characteristics of each of the main occupations.
Strength within a steady value will not break, and if it exceeds a steady value, it can be enhanced by coils protecting the device.

【Trading System】
Free sale of equipment and items.
The deposit system saves time and effort.

【the real world】
1. Realistic art resources, dynamic art performance and ground resources as small as a pixel.
2. Different environment settings (plain, mountain, swamp, underground world, island, sea, snow, lava).
3. Rich monster settings.
4. Day and night system (the power of dark creatures becomes stronger as night comes!).
5. Based on the day and night system, the unique green vision of the wizard profession is derived (can be turned off in the settings).
6. Based on the day and night system, a variety of lighting items are created.
7. Any NPC is anthropomorphized and can be attacked.
8. Order of putting on and taking off armor, armor should be operated in a sequence of common sense.
9. Many inconveniences due to overweight roles.
10. The character’s footsteps and the surrounding reference environment form a walking path close to reality.
More detailed settings will be introduced in the next updates.

【Pledge and Membership】
1. The Teon map is divided into two parts: the pledge area and the unsworn area.
2. Vow Book Zone: ancient tunnel, Malos area, fairy garden, monster village, monster castle, sea buckthorn area and next new maps.
3. Non-agreement area: Edin pole, promised island, 1st floor, 2nd floor of promise island.
Player Rules: http://teon.lakoo.com/rules/
Privacy Agreement: https://lakoo.com/en/privacy/
To buy the oath, please click on the crown icon on the game interface. Once opened, you can see the entrance to buy the “sealed affidavit [15 days]”. You can also talk to the character “Servant of God [Oath]“On the left side of the barn of the promised island.

【Important Hint】
When the game is first launched, there will be a one-minute unpacking process for the game content pack. Be patient and pay attention to the decompression progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
Please note that rooted mobile devices cannot run Teon Game Adventure.

Official website:
Help users:
Customer service email:
Note: Please include “Teon” in the subject of the customer service email, for example, “Teon-Feedback Question” or “Teon-Game Question for Help”.

Screenshot Teon - 1

Teen – 中文 版 Role Playing Game:

Screenshot Teon - 2

What’s new:

  • Some bug fixes and improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added new version
  • New quests added

How to install Teon – 版 on Android phone or tablet?

Download the Teon – APK file from androidimod.com, then follow these steps:

Goto download:

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or My Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (com.lakoo.teon)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Update phone settings:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings page
  • Tap Security or Apps
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK


Download Now at https://androidimod.com/teon-%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87%E7%89%88/

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