剑侠世界2-国际版 1.4.17338 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android

2- 1.4.17338 .APK MOD Unlimited Money Download for Android

2- Download .APK MOD for Android

you can download the latest version of Mod 世界 2- .APK file for android
Playstore id = com.skynet.jxworld

2- Information

Version 1.4.17338
Developed by Camel Games, Inc
Size 96 MB
Uploaded by http://android1-mod.com
Updated 2021-11-11
Mandatory APP Android 5.0+
Download Totall 50,000+

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2- 1.4.17338 .APK (MOD, unlimited money) Download for Android 剑侠 情缘 二十 周年 献礼, “剑侠 世界 2” 是 由 西山居 剑侠 系列 金牌 团队 打造 的 一起 钓鱼 等 Cartoons. 不忘 初 心, “剑侠 世界 2” 手 游 为 你 呈现 一个 恢弘 华美 的 指尖武侠 大世界

【浪漫 江湖, 家园 同 筑】
新 功能 家园 系统 上 线, 快来 打造 你 的 浪漫 江湖. 人人 房, 独立 侠 侣 侠 时 邀请 三两 好友 畅 玩, 别 有 一番 趣味 体验!

【浮生 斩 业, 莫问 情仇】
第七 门派 “生死 判” 特立独行, 不羁 于 尘 世俗 规, 游走 于 人世间 的 裁决 者. 情仇, 只 斩 以 一己 之 清 不平 事 加害者 鸣 清音.

【倾 世 侠 侣, 缘 定 三生】
人间 烟火 与 君 同, 三生 缘 定 合一 梦. 少侠 可 与 心仪 TA 结为 侠 侣 从 “信物 定情” 到 “挑选 吉日” 最后 完成 “侠 侣 仪式” 还有 侠 侣 专属 新外观 免费 获得, 向 全 服 昭示 自己 的 满满 幸福.

【烽火 幽州, 万人 城 战】
跨 服 载 具 攻城, 上演 热血 鏖战. 全新 跨 服 城 玩法 上 线, 真人 指挥 载 具 冲锋, 攻略 城池 竞逐 王座. 整合 全 服 横扫 迎面. 整合 服, 横扫 迎面 连 为 王.

【四段 轻功, 御 雕 飞行】
无 轻功, 不 武侠. 真实 实现 轻功 飞檐走壁 水上 漂, 四段 轻功 腾空 飞行. 创新 设计, 空中 还可, 无缝 纵览 江湖

【多人 坐骑, 百变 外观】
与 好友 同 骑 多人 坐骑, 观风 赏月, 畅游 剑侠 河山 4 种 体型 任由 选择, 百 款 华丽 推陈出新, 的,,

【搭配 技能, 自创 流派】
双手 操作 双轮 盘 战斗, 21 个 技能 中 选择 从 4 个 技能 出战. 对 战时 既 要 预 判 走 位 操作 队友 之间 战术

【宠物 伙伴, 萌动 江湖】
萌 趣 的 宠物 伙伴, 装配 多种 技能 和 属性, 可以 协助 少侠 战斗. 时刻 贴身 伙伴 亲密度,, 闲 趣, 赠礼,

【有 爱 家族, 共 战 江湖】
– 250 -百 人 对抗, 维护 家族 荣耀. 拜师 收徒, 情缘 作伴, 江湖 更 逍遥

联系 我们
欢迎 通过 以下 方式 联系 我们, 提出 意见 与 建议.
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: 2

1. message /
2. “剑侠 – ”
网站 : https://jxsj2.edwgames.com/
As a gift to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Love in Martial Arts, “Swordman World 2” is a classic martial arts MMORPG mobile game created by the gold medal winning team of the Xishanju Swordsman series. Freely combine 21 kinds of skills, double roulette operation combat, create your own action genre. All schools feature Zhengtai and Loli body shapes, as well as hundreds of styles and colors, allowing you to shape your personality. Elaborately designed rich family gameplay such as 15-man party dungeons and hundreds-of-hundreds tomb clan battles. With light chores, you can fly with royal carvings, hover over walls and float on water, and go fishing with friends. Don’t forget your original intention, the mobile game “World of Swordsman 2” introduces you to an epic and beautiful martial arts world.

[Romantic rivers and lakes, homes are built together]
New feature homepage system is online, come and build your romance arena. Each had a house, a private yard, an independent butler, and the couple built it together. Young heroes can buy a house in the game after being rented land, build their own world and invite three or two friends to play at their leisure, it’s a fun experience!

[Floating life and cutting industry, don’t ask for love and hatred]
The seventh school’s “life and death sentence” is a vagabond, disobedient to the rules of the world, and a wandering arbiter of the world. Without discriminating between love and hatred, it is only by his own power that he cuts off evil karma, washes away injustices in the world, and justifies those who have been harmed by others.

【Some Heroic Knights, Yuanding Sansheng】
Fireworks in the world are the same, three generations of the same dream. The young hero can form a hero with his favorite technique, from “let everything to love” to “choose a good day” and finally complete the “challenge ceremony”, as well as a new look Exclusively of free hero lovers, show their fullness to the whole server happy.

[Fenghuo Youzhou, Ten Thousand People City War]
Cross-server vehicles surround the city and a fierce battle ensues. The new multiplayer city battle game is online, with players actually taking command, charging cars, attacking the city and vying for the throne. Unite the forces of the entire server, hunt down the oncoming enemies, band together, and the winner is the king.

[Four stages of light work, flying with royal carvings]
No light work, no martial arts needed. Really realize light work, fly over walls, float on water and fly in the air with four light jobs. Creative design of flying royal carvings, the carvings can be swapped in the air, the beautiful scenery of rivers and lakes can be seamlessly seen.

[Multiplayer mounts, various appearances]
Ride multiplayer rides with your friends, watch the wind and moon, and swim in swordsman’s rivers and mountains! You can choose from 4 body types. Hundreds of gorgeous designs are featured and they can be dyed to your favorite color to make you unique.

[With skills, create your own genre]
Use two hands to operate the dual roulette battle, choose 4 skills out of 21 skills to play. In battle, it is necessary to predict and move positions, and to test tactical coordination among teammates. The battle situation is unpredictable, can be reversed at any time.

[Pet partner, sprouting the world]
Cute pet companions, equipped with a variety of skills and attributes, can help young heroes fight. Follow young heroes personally at all times, cultivate intimacy with partners, and unlock exciting games like adventure, entertainment, and gift giving.

[You love family, fight together]
Family brothers together to overthrow the BOSS clone, gather together in a family party, share gold coins and dividends every day. The 250-player large-scale imperial tomb family battle, hundred-player camp confrontation, protect the clan glory. Apprentice and apprentice, love and companionship, the arena is more fun.

Contact us
Welcome to contact us through the following ways to give comments and suggestions.
Official WeChat: New Horse Sword World 2 (jxworld2)
Official Facebook: World of Swordsman 2
Official customer service:
1. Go to the official Facebook, click on the message/information to contact customer service.
2. Enter WeChat official account, click “Jianxia Q & A-Contact Customer Service”
Official website: https://jxsj2.edwgames.com/
“剑侠 世界 国际 版 2.” 繁体 中文 版 隆重 上 线! 防疫 在家人 人 都能 当 大侠, 3D 今年 一定 要 玩 的 武侠 手 游 “剑侠 世界 2 – 国际 版” 完美 移植 绝妙 轻功 系统, 超! 「不用 出门」

Download Now at https://www.android1-mod.com/games/%E5%89%91%E4%BE%A0%E4%B8%96%E7%95%8C2-%E5%9B%BD%E9%99%85%E7%89%88-1-4-17338-apk-mod-unlimited-money-download-for-android/


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